The Great Cacciatore
Real Name Hamegg
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Voiced By Maurice LaMarche

Hamegg (or The Great Cacciatore) is the Italian-American ringmaster of the Japanese Robot Circus found in New York City. He bought Gadget Boy from Dr. Thynma for a lot of money and uses him as a gladiator for robot battles against his top-robot, Grodd. After seeing the match, Myron Dabble confronted Hamegg stating that he's treated them unfairly but he showed him his legal papers of allowing him to do so. When it was commercial break, he confronted Gadget Boy and demanding him to fight instead of refusing, but when he still refused, he threatens to not charge him. Gadget Boy later meets some of Hamegg's previous robot works that are out of power because they lost their popularity causing Hamegg to not charge them anymore. Gadget Boy shares his fuel with them and again Hamegg is confronted once again by Dr. Dabble. Dabble offers him a refund in exchange for Gadget Boy to be returned to Interpol but he still refuses. When a fire started in the circus, Gadget Boy rescued him and at the hospital, he was still ungrateful thinking that he shouldn't thank Gadget Boy because he owed him after he was purchased. Dabble decided to end it once and for all by showing Hamegg a news report on a law stating that now robots have the equal rights as humans, in which now, Hamegg is sad because he had no choice but to give Gadget Boy to Myron Dabble.


  • As his name states, he is based on Hamegg from Astro Boy.