Gadget Boy is a French/American animated television series, produced by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. A reboot of the original French/American cartoon series of the same name (produced by DiC Entertainment), Gadget Boy will be developed by French company Marathon Production with several elements to Japanese anime and references to the original series' humor. The series features a whole-new different cast than the original series. Maurice LaMarche is the only actor in the show to return from the original series but some of his characters have been taken over by other actors.

The series has been commissioned by Nickelodeon and is planning to air in February 2, 2013 or even a longer date if production of the first four episodes aren't completed. The series has been ordered thirteen episodes.


Gadget Boy features a more reliable back-story and more details than the original series as the original show was meant to be more humorous. The plot is similar to Japanese anime series, Astro Boy. A young boy named Tobio Thynma died from a car accident and his father, Dr. Thynma, reassembles him by making him half-robot transforming him into Gadget Boy. When he realized that Gadget Boy could never replace his son, he sells him into a ringmaster who works for a robotic circus and the ringmaster abuses him. Luckily, Switzerland-based inventor Myron Dabble (who also gives him the gadgets) saved him by showing the ringmaster that the new law states that all robots now have the same equal rights as humans causing Gadget Boy to now live with and work for Interpol in New York City which he meets beautiful Irish-blooded Agent Heather and Italy-based Chief Stromboli. But, the mask-wearing six-armed villaness Spydra and her sarcasstic vulture Boris are planning to stop and kill Gadget Boy so they can rule the world.