Gadget Boy
Real Name Tobio Thyma
Age 12
Species Bionic Human
Gender Male
Relatives Doctor Thynma (father)
Status Alive
Voiced By Avan Jogia

Gadget Boy is a bionic police detective who works for Interpol in New York City. He is equipped with his dog, G-9, and is assisted by Agent Heather. Gadget Boy's back-story is that he was originally a 12-year old boy named Tobio Thyma, the son of the original head inventor of Interpol, Doctor Thynma. When he was driving his father's car without permission, he died due to a car accident giving his father a broken heart. Since that day, Dr. Thynma went insane and decides to re-create Tobio by using some of his corpses and rebuilding him with robotic technology making him half-robot with a mechanical brain. But after months of studying, he realizes that Tobio could not grow higher or older, thus rejecting him and selling him to The Great Cacciatore where he is used as a gladiator to fight against other robots. Inventor Myron Dabble has stopped the ringmaster from abusing any more robots and has taken Gadget Boy into the custody of Interpol by adopting him in now he works for Interpol. Gadget Boy is equipped with the gadgets in his body and gets himself into sticky situations. Gadget Boy is childlike, causing his adolescent instincts to catch up to him. His catchphrase is "Sowsers! Bowsers!" which he says when he has an idea.