Dr. Thynma
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Voiced By Rick Gomez

Dr. Thynma is the original head inventor for Interpol. He was an average father working as a scientist and had a son named Tobio Tynma. After Tobio died from a car accident, Dr. Thynma fell through tears. Then, he started to go insane with the board hatching a new plan to revive Tobio with robotics, thus creating Gadget Boy by making him half robot. Unfortunatley, after months of studying and teaching, he realizes that Gadget Boy is unable to replace his son since he cannot grow physically or mentally, designed as a 12 year old. Since then, he rejected Gadget Boy and sold him to the ringmaster of a robot-battling circus, insulting him by calling him just a machine, and nothing more. Myron Dabble explained that he resigned due to the loss of his only son.